Social movements are one of the principal channels through which collectivities voice out their grievances, views, and visions about society and push for changes. Major social movements such labor, civil rights, feminist, environmental, pro-democracy, and LGBTI movements have profoundly shaped societies. Women have actively participated in these movements. Gender has played central roles in the movement dynamics. Women of different classes and ages often participate in social movements with diverse identities and modes of engagement, which greatly challenges the gendered division between the private and public. Gendered narratives and images are widely employed to mobilize support. On the other hand, there has been increasing threats for women in social movements of being exposed to sexual violence and harassment during their participation. 

However, women’s involvement in social movements other than the women’s movements has often been neglected. This conference aims to capture and record the gender dimensions of social movements in contemporary society, and provide a platform to build network of like-minded scholars, activists and members from civil society that are concerned about the latest development of social movements from international and local perspectives. Through exchange of knowledge and experience, the conference hopes to facilitate further discussion and imagination in the fields of social movement, gender, social development, and social change studies.